Tuesday, October 28, 2008

28.10.2008 Begining of my story

I create this blog just for the normal men why have some small problems. Problems with prostate – many doctors call this magic gland “second men heart”. Some hours ago I find that this problem concern to me. I try to tell you my story concerning this problem day by day. Do not hesitate and write me some comments.
My name is Victor. I live in Europe in Czech republic, in Prague city. I am 31 years old man. Work with computers in one small company. I like fitness 3 times in a week, not smoker, not drinker. Have girl friend about 3 years. My English not so well but I try to learn it. If you notice some mistakes keep in mind that English is not my native language.
So let’s start my story.
Hey last day of weekend. Me and my girl friend spend some wonderful moments making love. All things was nice and as usual we making love with condom. So when I cum, instead throwing it in garbage can I look in my cum. Do you think I saw normal foggy liquid with white color? NO! I see the pink cum in the condoms! The liquid was quite scarlet. I was nervous a little bit but not nervous. In the evening as usual I try to find some info about it in the net. The research shocked me – all specialists in different message boards tells that this thing was dangerous.
Doctors advise immediately run to the hospital and make some consultations with urologist. All night I was thinking about result of my research

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