Thursday, October 30, 2008

29.10.2008 Visit to Doctor

Today is Monday - hard day. While I go to the hospital, my dream was find the answer is it a prostatitis or not? When I found the doctor we talk some time about my discovery in cum. He asks me some questions:
- Drink?
- Smoke?
- Marriage status?
- Kind of my work? (Seated or not during my working days) It was very important!
So all this questions was only the preparation before the main part of the execution. Later we entered to the small room with the bed covered by grey blanket. First of all I lay down to my back, and doctor exam my balls. He press it, squeeze a little bit, exam and look and just ask me is it painful for me or not? I felt no pain during that manipulation. Than I stood up near the bed, suddenly doctor take a long and thin metal pin and cover end of this pin by the cotton вата. He put this metal pin inside my penis. My feeling was disgusting but doctor squeeze my penis in hands and twice made this execution by this long metal pin. Believe me it was very painful but it was only beginning. Later I lay down to my back and doctor take small peas of glass like for the microscope looking and put corner of this glass again in my penis. It was also painful. Finally doctor asks me lay to my left side and little banded my legs. I noticed a small tube of cream in doctor hands. He squeeze some cream to his palm and put his big finger in my anus. If you a heterosexual and have no idea about gays love lucky you are. I felt doctors finger in my anus, my pain was very terrible. He bend it in left and right and asks me about my feeling ”do I have change of the filling if finger banded left or right” I cant’t tells him nothing, just say NO!. Than I stood up again and he squeeze from my penis some drops to the laboratory glass. At the end he tells me that I dressed up. Doctor tells me about waiting of the analyse results. While I waited the results doctor advise me go laboratory and make the photo of my prostate gland. It was ordinary room but dark with the strange computer inside. I lay down again to the bed, doctor squeeze strange liquid to my abdominal and start to push by the special device. He do something and I saw the prostate on the monitor. It was just a gray spot for me. After five minutes he prints some pictures and give it to me. With the pics I entered to urologist room and set down. I was quite nervous because doctor already tells me that probably I have prostatitis. So doctor shows me plastic models of the prostate glands. He tells me that I have the inflammation in my prostate gland. Because of this inflammation the tissue of my prostate was thin and because of that sometimes blood was in my sperm time to time. He noticed me some white spot in my prostate pics, it was the center of my prostate inflammation. So diagnose was known for me and doctor wrote me list of the drugs which I should use during the course. He tells me that during ten days he give me only natural herbal drugs for the showing my body reaction and stimulate my immune system. This ten days course specially for the right prostatitis cure course.
My drug list.
1. Indometacin 50 mg. anti- inflammation candles. Once in the evening.
2. Speman 3 pills x 3 time a day.
3. Claritine 10 mg. 1 pill in the evening.
4. Aescusan 20 1 pill x 3 time a day.
5. Decaris 50 mg 2 pills once a two days in the evening.

All this drugs should use after meals. During this course no pepper souse, no alcohol, no sex. By the way, doctor advise me squeeze my sphincter any time a day as much as possible. Part of this drugs I bought here and get some free Viagra pills with this order. Most of the drugs in pills, but I have never use candles

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